About Tell My Story Book

About Tell My Story Book

What makes our books special is that every page of every book is specially printed to include your child’s photograph and name. This allows your child to be the star of their very own book.

We are 100% Irish. All of our books are printed and bound here in Ireland and our books are written by an Irish writer. This is something that we are very proud of.

I was inspired by my niece “Toni Pia” who loves to read. She received a personalised book as a present a number of years ago, been a graphic designer I saw that adding the child’s photograph to the personalised book would make it even more appealing to the recipient. I did up a prototype personalised book for my niece and I was blown away by her reaction, she loved it! That was the moment that I knew I had a business on my hands.

We believe that young children should be encouraged to read from a young age. Our books instantly grab the child’s attention. Having the child as the lead character in their very own book is what sets our books apart.

We feel getting children into the habit of reading at a young age gives them a valuable gift that stays with them into adulthood, the gift of reading. In today’s modern age people are tending to turn towards digital media more and more, but we believe traditional hard back books should still have a place in our lives and starting young with children is the way to achieve this.

We currently have two books: “My fairy Godmother” which is suitable for girls aged 2 years and older and “Imagination” which is aimed at boys and girls aged 2 years and older. Both books are beautifully written rhyming tales that have the child’s name and photograph included throughout.